It was a late night in downtown Toronto when Aisha Addo, the founder of DriveHER, hopped into a cab for the long trek back to her home in Mississauga. The driver struck up casual conversation that quickly turned uncomfortable when he began making sexual comments and asking Aisha personal questions like whether she lived alone. “You know when you’re in a situation and you just get this feeling that there’s something weird or off?” It was like that,” she recalled. To ease her discomfort, Aisha called a friend who stayed on the phone with her until she arrived safely at her home but the experience stayed with her long after she exited the cab. It’s a scenario far too many women are familiar with. “I shouldn’t have to worry about my girls being afraid in a cab or having to stay on the phone to make sure they actually get home safely,” she said. “It’s really important to have a safer option.” So Aisha set her mind to creating one. The result was DriveHER.



– An uptick in violence against women by drivers of taxis and other ride-sharing services

– Instances of violence and assault against women on public transportation

– A lack of viable and safe transportation alternatives for women and girls


– Provide an affordable alternate transportation service for female riders

– Empower and train women to become drivers and gain new skills

– Create a space that allows both drivers and riders to feel safe

– Design an app that connects riders to drivers anytime, anywhere


– Safety: DriveHER’s priority is to ensure the security of every woman on every ride, whether she’s the passenger or the one behind the wheel.

– Community: DriveHER is committed to improving communities by giving back to women-focused charities and non-profits as you travel.

– Empowerment: In Canada’s male dominated taxi industry, men account for 85.1% of drivers.

DriveHER is changing that by empowering women to get behind the wheel.

– Honest Pricing: At DriveHER, we believe your safety is priceless. That’s why we keep our fares simple and affordable and we promise you will never have to worry about surge pricing.


Aisha Addo has a long history of working to make the world a better place for women. Although a graduate in Business Administration Accounting, her true passion and dedication lie in ensuring girls around the world are provided with the guidance and resources that help them identify their true purpose and calling to reach their full potential. She founded Power To Girls Foundation, a non-profit organization to offer young girls the mentors and role models that were absent during her own youth. As a facilitator and director of Power To Girls, she uses her personal experiences and knowledge to create safe and engaging spaces for the girls she works with. Aisha’s work has not gone unnoticed. She is the recipient of the Young Black and Gifted Award for Community Service. She was also named a Black Diversity Group Role Model and One of 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada. DriveHer, the ride-sharing service for women by women, is Aisha’s latest initiative and the next step in her journey to empowering and protecting women.